Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ogres, Ogres, Ogres

Well after alot of discussions with local players regarding the effectiveness of the ogre army and having to decide if I wanted to get out of fantasy entirely, I have decided to keep my ogres and keep going with fantasy. Being told the standard point level for fantasy is 2500 and looking around the net for what others have said is effective and bouncing ideas between locals old school terminator and seven, this is the list I have decided on and built;

Slaughtermaster, lv4 lore of the great maw, ironfist, glittering scales, fencing blades, greedy fist
Firebelly, lv2, dispel scroll, obsidian trinkit, great weapon
Bruiser, ironfist, heavy armor, runemaw standard, bsb
8 Ironguts, full command, lookout gnoblar, dragonscale standard
5 Ogres, full command, lookout gnoblar
4 Mournfang Cavalry, ironfists, heavy armor, full command, banner of eternal flame
4 Mournfang Cavalry, ironfists, heavy armor, full command, banner of swiftness
1 Sabretusk

My thoughts on the list without having played it yet is to use the Ironguts as a center for the army with the bsb and Slaughtermaster in the unit to make a deathstar to walk across the table and anchor the rest of my force around. Put the Firebelly in the small squad of ogres to fling fireballs all game and use the dual Mournfang squads and single Sabretusk to pick on small squads or as support for the deathstar. The Thundertusk provides additional support by its ranged attacks and aura with the Ironblaster providing monster killing support and a last charge effort as well.

My only thoughts without any experience playing the list is possibly dropping the Thundertusk and adding an additional Ironblaster and additional units of Sabretusks and dropping the filler on the Firebelly (obsidian trinkit). My question to other readers out there with some experience is Thundertusks stone thrower attack worth it more so then an additional Ironblaster and more distraction units of Sabretusks?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Back

So after a long lapse of content here at terrors, I have my computer fixed and will resume with my normal posting. I promise to bring more of my content involving my experience with my knights and my blood angels. For now I will leave you with a photo of my recently completed strike squad. I will be posting some reports of my success or failure with my dual raven list for my knights after some testing to see if the list idea is viable. I will also be posting more photos of my knights as the painting progresses.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quiet times in the warp

I have to apologize about the lack of posts. Computer issues have stopped me from my regular posting schedule. The computer issue will be resolved after the first of the year and I will be back to my regular posting schedule. I have multiple battle reports and painting wips to show so I will be back then. Thanks guys

Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to the darkside.....

I finally am getting the remains of my dark eldar together for tournament play. Im very excited to get them on the table as I feel the dark eldar fit my playstyle very well and I am getting slightly tired of playing with power armor all the time. The mass shooting will be a great change of pace compared to the very assault based armies I usually run. Look for pics of the army here as it gets put together (not looking forward to building these nine venoms.....)

Im going to get a game in against old school terminator of dark future games this Saturday with my gray knights. Im excited as this will be my first game with my draigowing against his deathwing. Hopefully this goes well for me as old school has developed a strong reputation around our store with his deathwing and he took them to a quite impressive finish in the ard boys semis with the "underpowered" codex he runs. All in all im just happy to finally be getting a game in with my knights as work and real life have been getting in the way of my toy soldiers. Look for a bat rep sometime after this Saturday.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fantasy Campaign

So I have decided on my thousand point list for the fantasy campaign I am part of. It is as follows;

Firebelly, potion of speed, level two caster
8 ogre bulls, ironfists, crusher, banner, bellower
4 mournfang cavalry, banner, crusher, ironfists, heavy armor

It comes out to be 996 points which is about as close as I can get to 1000. The list gains alot more speed in its 1000 point incarnation by adding the mournfang and dropping the ironguts, but loses no hitting power. Swapping the bruiser for the firebelly loses a point of leadership, which is huge, but the addition of magic defense and long range fireball attacks in my opinion makes up for the loss. My true fear with this list is not being beaten in combat, but purple sun or cracks call destroying my mournfang without any type of save coming into play. The mournfang also bring a large amount of resiliency with a 2+ armor save standard and a parry save. The addition of the stonehorn is a fast monster which will draw fire away from my mournfang and ogre unit, and inflict tremendous damage once it gets to combat. My only thought is if the thundertusk would be more useful for the shooting utility and always strikes last aura it brings to the table. In my opinion the stonehorn causing total chaos when it gets to combat may be more useful. Maybe someone with more experience with either could chime in and offer advice?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ogre Kingdom Thoughts

I know I said I was going to continue to talk about the ways to approach the new necron army with certain marine variants next post, but I tried my first few games of warhammer fantasy last night and I figured I would offer up my thoughts on the army I chose. I ended up going with ogres because with our stores league discount the ogres were the coolest and cheapest looking army to just hop in with and try them out.

First thing I noticed after my first game. These guys hit like a sack full of bricks! It was absolutely insane the amount of damage they could inflict from combat and the amount of damage they could absorb every turn and just keep marching forward. The combination of the ogre charge inflicting impacts, the sheer weight if attacks and the stomps allows them to really even the odds even if they are heavily outnumbered. After a few more games I also noticed they were surprisingly quick to get across the bored as well. I played a pretty basic list with a bruiser with heavy armor and great weapon, six bulls with crusher double hand weapons and banner and four iron guts. Every game I played the bull unit with bruiser never ceased to surprise me with the combination of speed, resiliency and hitting power, reliably inflicting over 20 wounds a turn on average. From what I was told that's quite impressive.

The next level of our league will be at 1000 points and I think I will be adding a fire belly, a stonehorn, mournfangs and leadbelchers. Might be dropping the ironguts from the list and replacing them with the mournfangs because after finally getting my first game in a realize how scary the mournfangs could really be. The speed they offer, the great armor save and hitting power seems pretty sick. The firebelly will replace my bruiser because I need some magic presence in my list as the skaven player I played in the first couple rounds punished my ogres with no way for me to responde in the magic phase which really taught me the importance of the magic phase. And finally the stonehorn is getting added strictly because I love that model and it seems pretty cool on paper. I've never used monsters before and im curious to see what the hype is behind the model other then it looking fantastic. All in all I was very impressed with the fantasy system in general and I actually had a great time playing the game. Consider me a fantasy player now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thoughts on new necrons

Things have been quiet around my corner of the blogsphere. Not going to bore everyone with details but life kind of got out of hand for a bit. Anyways as im sure everyone noticed the new necrons codex dropped a couple weeks or so ago. Im not interested in picking up the new necrons (as shocking as that may be to some of the locals) because I really am not interested in the new models. However after getting a few games against them I will offer my thoughts.

After playing against them with my blood angels and space wolves against a few different lists I've seen a few things. One thing that immediately jumps out is the ability the necrons now have to keep the game under nightfight for several turns, limiting or blunting the initial punch of alot of armies. I definitely noticed it when playing my wolves, and a little less with my blood angels but the point is this: the unique mechanic of multiple turns of nightfight is possibly one of the strongest factors with the necrons being successful. It allowed the close combat troops of the necrons I faced to get to my lines relatively unscathed because my long fang support or predator support was taken out of the game. I had little or no way to reduce the numbers of canaptik wraiths or scarabs before they were within effective range to charge. This effectively took large portions of my army out of the equation before any shots were fired.

There are many choices in this codex that I feel are under rated or overlooked in the blogsphere currently as it stands because everyone I've seen thus far is caught up in the "ooo shiny" syndrome that happens when all new codexes come out. I feel that there are quite a few and in the next few weeks I will be discussing how I feel space wolf and blood angel players should be attempting to adapt to the new necrons in their take all comers lists. I do very much feel that the necrons will warp the metagame. Maybe not as much as some think but enough that they should be factored into your list when preparing for tournament play. I also will be discussing units that have been overlooked and I feel will be very powerful once people realize it.