Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ogres, Ogres, Ogres

Well after alot of discussions with local players regarding the effectiveness of the ogre army and having to decide if I wanted to get out of fantasy entirely, I have decided to keep my ogres and keep going with fantasy. Being told the standard point level for fantasy is 2500 and looking around the net for what others have said is effective and bouncing ideas between locals old school terminator and seven, this is the list I have decided on and built;

Slaughtermaster, lv4 lore of the great maw, ironfist, glittering scales, fencing blades, greedy fist
Firebelly, lv2, dispel scroll, obsidian trinkit, great weapon
Bruiser, ironfist, heavy armor, runemaw standard, bsb
8 Ironguts, full command, lookout gnoblar, dragonscale standard
5 Ogres, full command, lookout gnoblar
4 Mournfang Cavalry, ironfists, heavy armor, full command, banner of eternal flame
4 Mournfang Cavalry, ironfists, heavy armor, full command, banner of swiftness
1 Sabretusk

My thoughts on the list without having played it yet is to use the Ironguts as a center for the army with the bsb and Slaughtermaster in the unit to make a deathstar to walk across the table and anchor the rest of my force around. Put the Firebelly in the small squad of ogres to fling fireballs all game and use the dual Mournfang squads and single Sabretusk to pick on small squads or as support for the deathstar. The Thundertusk provides additional support by its ranged attacks and aura with the Ironblaster providing monster killing support and a last charge effort as well.

My only thoughts without any experience playing the list is possibly dropping the Thundertusk and adding an additional Ironblaster and additional units of Sabretusks and dropping the filler on the Firebelly (obsidian trinkit). My question to other readers out there with some experience is Thundertusks stone thrower attack worth it more so then an additional Ironblaster and more distraction units of Sabretusks?


  1. Honestly, this list is too quick for the Thunder tusk to really be a boon. I mean seriously, if you are using the stone thrower, you are WAYYYYYYYYY behind the rest of the ogres and not really giving out the benifits. Also, it is a stone thrower, but not an amazing one, so meh, I would make the changes you talked about.

  2. I appreciate the advice old school. Also I thought about changing the thundertusk to a stonehorn because it would be able to keep up with the rest of the list as you said. What are your thoughts on that?

  3. The Ironblaster is amazing, and for a serious list a second one would be a good add. The only reason I don't have 2 currently is because I have 3 units of Mournfang. If you want a monster though, I like the Stonehorn after the Thundertusk "nerf" in the FAQ. I would also recommend finding the 42 points for 2 more single Sabertusks to use for deployment drops and redirectors or chaff hunters.

    The list you have though is very similar to the core of other lists I have seen be successful. I think it would be a great start.